Friday, September 19, 2008

A Note from Sor Juana

Dear Alicia,
From my perch in the heavens I can see the cyber-universe quite clearly, from where I keep tabs on what is happening in the mortal and busy lives of my Chicana and Latina sisterhood, and what to my surprise do I discover in the cyber-universe but your brand-new and beautifully designed website at Whoever "Viceroy Productions" is (and of course I already know that, since I see all in the cyber-universe from my perch in the heavens) they have done an amazing job of showing the intricate web of writings that emanates from your not-so-mute pen and inkwell. What I most like (other than that impressive collection of fountain pens on display) is that it shows the world that you are a writer first and foremost, and that your academic life, though rich and productive and successful, is but one aspect of your identity. Let the world know that you wear both the mortar board of an academic and a writer's hat (a brown felt Stacy Adams that you bought on Venice Beach), and that for 15 years now, you've been doing a juggling act balancing your writing projects with your working life at the university. So I just wanted to post a kudos to you and Viceroy Productions for making your presence felt in the cyber-universe. It's about time, sister.

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