Friday, November 11, 2011


Sold my first book on PayPal! Thank you Allison in Louisiana for purchasing a hardback first edition copy of Sor Juana's Second Dream from my website. I think this bodes well for a triple 11 day. I'm also selling first editions of the totally out of print and hard to find Calligraphy of the Witch. Click here to read the great review AnneMarie Perez posted on Aztlan Reads:
Be sure to click on the link at the bottom of the review to see the trailer that my darling Alma made.

Friday, November 4, 2011

No NaNoWriMo this year

I can't believe it's more than a year since I've updated my blog and that's after a year of not teaching. I did finish NaNoWriMo last year for the first time and produced my first YA novel that I'm actually pretty proud of. This year instead of launching into a brand new story I'm going to rerevise Drag King Debutante even though I am teaching a huge intro course of nearly 400 students and writing two new research essays. But did promise my agent she'd get the book in January. So that's what I'll be working on for the next 2.5 months. and learning to play on my iPad.