Friday, April 18, 2008

A novice no longer

April 19, 2008
I've decided to abandon the veil. To stop hiding behind anonymity and lack of time. To venture onto the high seas of the blogosphere and put this out there, whatever "this" may be and wherever "out there" may take me. I'm inspired by friends who are seasoned sailors on these rough waters, and by my editor at St. Martin's Press, who assures me that blogging is the best way to develop a community of readers for Calligraphy of the Witch. And my other books, too, I hope. Yes, okay, this is unabashed advertising for my books, y que? Who else is going to peddle my stories for me? And now that I'm the Chair of the Chavez Department for Chicana/o Studies at UCLA, I really do have no time to schedule readings and book tours (as I was fortunate enough to be able to do with Desert Blood in 2005). So, there you have it: my true motive for setting sail. Will you join me? Will you click on one of the titles below and see if anything appeals to your sensibilities? Chicana. Lesbian. Historical. Sor Juana. Witch trials. The Juárez Femicides. Chicana/o art. Barrio popular culture. I have many interests. Many stories. And many more adventures to come. I'm being reminded that it is now almost 11 and time for bed. Yay! It's been smooth sailing so far...