Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Skyping with my Bud

Today, my best bud, la Emma Perez, aka Sundance aka LaChuy, and I discovered the joy of Skyping. Since we're working on a book together (wouldn't YOU like to know what it is???) this allows us to write together, and see and talk to each other on a video call, and we can make faces at each other, and get a video tour of the house, and she can even say hi to my baby girl when she pops in to see what we're cracking up about now. Skype and the Documents feature on Gmail are the best resource for collaborations. Chingao. To think what we've been missing. Thanks to la Diva artista de Austin, la Liliana Wilson, for telling us about Skype. Now, to take off my writing hat (a brown felt Stacy Adams) and get to my day job, Chairing a department. Oh, Emma's writing hat is a Mao cap I got for her at Venice Beach when she was visiting last weekend. Bueno, ciao. Nobody writes me, but this is still therapeutic.


About Me said...

Ok, Liliana gets the credit for Skype... pero how about me getting the credit for gmail documents feature? Fun witnessing the writing process, and I will do the video... do not threaten me with a good time!

Sheryl said...

Welcome to bloglandia as Emmy calls it!

Eduardo C. Corral said...

Welcome! I'm so happy to see a writer I admire so much start blogging.